The hints and tips are provided to help you better use your computer equipment and improve your productivity.

These hints and tips are the accumulation of many years experience of dealing with the general public and business IT equipment user's.

They have been written to be easy to understand and break down the jargon that is indoctrinated in IT equipment article's, book's and publication's.

I hope you enjoy these hints and tips and find them useful.


Time to change your password these SEVEN tips show you how to create a secure password.

Creating a "secure password" using the following tip's when changing your password.

  1. An old car reg is an excellent password to use if you can remember one.
  2. If not use a word that is dear to you, but never use a word that can be found in a dictionary without changing it using the tips below.
  3. Place a capital letter somewhere in the word. i.e. compuTer
  4. Consider replacing some of the letters as numbers. i.e. compuT3r
  5. Consider replacing one of the letters for a symbol. i.e. c@mpuT3r
  6. If you need to change the password consider incrementing one of the numbers. i.e. c@mpuT4r
  7. Never write your password down, if you have to write it down, write it as a question that only you know the answer. i.e. What was your best Christmas present?

I hope these tips help when changing your password to increase your confidence in using the world wide web. Give's you the knowledge that your online accounts are safe & protected from misuse and it keeps the dark side of the web away from your personal data.


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