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You have heard all the buzz on the news about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many other Crypto Currency coins, all fighting for position as your wallet of choice for your online activity. 

You decide on the coin of your choice or what coin you want to support, you download the wallet software and install software that works with your operating system. You open up the wallet software to stare at an empty balance.

So what is next?

Before you either buy your online Crypto Currency direct; or commit your own funds to a dedicated miner clicking on the links below will allow you to gain FREE Crypto Currency before you commit any of your hard earned cash to the Crypto Currency.

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Latest DASH to BTC Rate from ShapeShift as of...

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Live Price Crypto Currency EOS to PGL Price Trading Graph


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Live Price EOS to WAX Portfolio Update

This page uses Javascript Objects to store trades made on the Newdex exchange, it then creates a dynamic table to display those arrays.

It then obtains the latest price of EOS/PGL from Newdex exchange & using Javascript again it alters the table to update the live prices & calculates the profit/loss, and displays it percentage change.

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