Webpage Image

A web page is made up of the following items.

  • Framework
  • Styling
  • Content
  • Search Engine Data related to the Content

To better understand a web page we need to breakdown the webpage further of the following items.


That is the programming language that produces the HTML data that make up all web pages, some basic site's don't use a programming language they just write the web pages in simple HTML. But to enable the website to be more dynamic its needs to use programming language. I.e. The website gives you a greeting depending on the time of day, good morning, good afternoon etc.


This is like desktop publishing, using Photo's, picture, graphics and fonts, to give the webpage the wow factor.


What people read and see when they visit a website. It contains images, photo's, text, sound & video.

Search Engine Data

This is machine readable code, that is HTML but is not displayed to the human, it gets scattered over the webpage along side the human readable text, it has to follow a pattern, if the code is not set up right the machine readable code errors and the search engines over look it, you use webmaster tools from the major search engine's to test the machine readable data.

To summarise 

What you are looking for is to enable your website to be search engine friendly. Place your data on your page that that a human will not see, it's data that a search engine spider reads and computes to try to understand your page.