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A website is a selection of text, images, photo's, video and sound located on a hard drive space on a server in a data centre for the distribution of a website to the world wide web to individuals, small business's and P.L.C's.

All website's are attached to a domain name, which is a string representation of the address of the website that humans understand, it is allocated to IP address of the server hosting the website.

The following action's must be accomplished before a website can go live on the internet.

  1. A hosting contract for a period of time must be set-up with the company that is going to host your website, these companies can be reseller's of hosting solutions and sub-contract these services.
  2. Next a domain name must be chosen with a top level domain i.e. .net .com .org and the domain name is registered to point at the hosting companies servers ip adresses.
  3. Then the website must be created bringing together all the selected elements that the purchasing company would like to publish on the world wide web including branded products, inventory & company information.
  4. The website must be checked that it is search engine friendly and that all the meta keywords and meta descriptions are complete.
  5. The designed website is uploaded to the host server this is all done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software, which is installed on the user's computer and hosted data centre server. Sometimes especially when publishing the website using Joomla or another content management system, the website is designed online and the pages are selected as published when ready to go live saving time to upload the website.
  6. Once the website has gone live, the advertising and web submission to the search engines can begin, the search engines will begin to visit the site of the submitted URL's then add them to their search index, meanwhile the real time non-web advertising via direct mail, newspaper, radio and tv adverts are driving direct traffic to your website. As is your url's that are attached to your email or blogged on other websites.

Even through you have a published website that will grow over time, the meta keywords and meta descriptions should be continually monitored & adjusted to suit the referral traffic transiting through the website to ensure that the right type of customers are arriving at your website.